• Digital recording - I provide high quality digital audio recording utilizing the latest generation AD/DA converters from RME and quality analog outboard gear.
    Recording formatsNuendo 2.1 24 bit/192kHz digital audio workstation, or          Pro Tools 6.4 24bit/48kHz.
  • Mixing - Digital mixing with Nuendo 2.1 or Pro Tools 6.4 and Mackie Baby HUI control surface featuring a host of plug-ins from Universal Audio, Waves, Steinberg, & Digidesign
  • Digital editingNuendo 2.1, & Pro Tools 6.4 - Bring or send your Pro Tools sessions (Mac or PC), Nuendo sessions, Cubase sessions, OMF files, or virtually any file type for quality editing/arranging of your project
  • Live/Location Recording - 2 track live to DAT.  Will travel within New England.
  • Live sound - If you have a sound system, but no engineer, I can provide the skills to help you deliver a great sounding performance.  Will travel within New England.  Call for a quote 978.239.2565